The Int. GS Trophy 2020.

Daily News and Photos – and pure excitement.

At this year’s Int. GS Trophy from 9 to 16 February 2020, participants will experience the tour of their lives as 23 teams from all over the world ride nearly 3,000 km across New Zealand, competing against each other every day and facing different challenges on ever-changing GS-Terrain.

We always give you up-to-date insights into what the day holds for the riders in New Zealand and the current ranking of all the teams. You can also influence the rating: Cast your ballot for your personal favourite theme on Days 3 and 5 in the picture vote and influence the evaluation of the teams.


Choose your favorite picture.

The Int. GS Trophy is all about real teamwork. The participants capture their emotions and highlights on team pictures. From 00:00 to 23:59 (UTC +13) on Tuesday, 11 February, and again on Thursday, 13 February, you can participate in the great photo vote: cast a ballot for your favourite picture, which then counts towards the overall ranking of the respective team.

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