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Int. GS Trophy Female Team Qualifier brings out the best GS girls.

Some of the best female GS riders across the globe made the journey to southern Spain and the Enduro Park Andalusia, where from 23-26 October, the international qualifier event was held to determine which of the 31 participants from 20 different countries would win a place on an international female team to contest the BMW Motorrad Int. GS Trophy 2020 in New Zealand.

Over three days of tough competition, the qualifier pushed the riders to their limits, while creating unforgettable experiences and new friendships along the way. In doing so, it clearly demonstrated that the unique GS spirit is truly alive and kicking across all continents.

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They came, they saw, they battled together.

They came, they saw, they battled together.

Indeed, this year’s event brought together female GS riders from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Lebannon, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, The Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Thailand and the USA.

Thanks to the power of social media, many of the participants had already connected prior to the competition itself, making the welcome presentation feel more like a friends’ reunion than a first actual meeting. The atmosphere was electric from the word go!

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Straight into the competition action.

Straight into the competition action.

United with their F 850 GS bikes – the same type of motorcycles that will be used in the upcoming international finals  – the girls were soon tasting the thrill of competitive riding. Day one started early with an off-road ride to the Enduro Park Andalusia, where the initial stages were held. Inside the quarry, the participants were split into groups and invited to show their skills on a variety of challenges, including a slow-riding slalom, a trials course, a mechanical task, and a single-trail sprint-and-ride section – all against the clock!

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Nature, navigation and breaking news!

Nature, navigation and breaking news!

The dusty conditions couldn’t hide the smiles on the participants’ faces, who supported each other throughout the initial competition stages, and the tricky navigation, trials and physical fitness challenges that followed on day two. And before bedding down in their tents at the Barranco Blanco nature reserve, the GS girls were treated to the fantastic news that there would again be two female teams selected for the international finals in New Zealand next February.

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And then there were six…!

And then there were six…!

This naturally made the final day of competion an intense and action-packed affair, with six coveted places still up for grabs. An enduro parcours packed with obstacles and tests – including a frighteningly steep hill climb – demanded maximum concentration, courage and skill levels from the riders. Mistakes would be costly, while calculated risks could just mean the difference between a place in New Zealand – or not.

Late on the afternoon of day three, the overall points were calculated and despite being extremely close, only the top six finishers could claim their place on one of two international female teams for 2020.

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Final results

1. Isabela Londono Rivas (Columbia/Latin America)

1342 points

2. Nikki van der Spek (The Netherlands)

1348 points

3. Claire Bichard (France)

1385 points

4. Lisa-Ann Taylor (USA)

1396 points

5. Andrea Box (Australia)

1471 points

6. Klara Finkele (GBR) 

1477 points

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