National qualifiers

For the International GS Trophy 2022 Southeast Europe
1 Jan 2021
Deutschland, Germany

Discover the unknown beauty of Albania

Discover the unknown beauty of Albania

Rugged mountains, vast valleys, wild rivers, dense forests and a fantastic coastline: This is what awaits participants in the International GS Trophy in Albania in late summer 2022. But the national qualifiers will decide who gets to go there and take part in the intense special stages. You now have the unique opportunity to change your life with this incomparable Enduro adventure.

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The countdown has started

Here’s your chance to enter the International GS Trophy 2022. If you are ready for rough terrain, GPS navigation exercises and testing your GS knowledge, you can now register for the national qualifying sessions, where we will be ranking men and women separately for the first time. With a lot of skill and a little luck, you could secure one of the coveted places in the country team – including a ticket to Albania. You can find out more about qualifying on the registration page.

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